Going Commando

Jungle FF
– The Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle!  This ensemble features a super trendy camouflage jacket from *Yeda Style that is perfect to wear on your SL adventures.   The only challenge was walking across this sketchy bridge in my Hankii Pankii heels!  Worth every step to look chic 🙂

Jacket and Tank Top : Jolanda Gift  by *Yeda Style Group Gift 0L

Bottom : Low Rise Jeans by Grumble 0L with lucky chair gift cards

Necklace : Delecate Chain & Hearts by by Do Lubitsch Marketplace 0L

Earrings : Triple Hoop Earring in Radiant Gold by Misha Fine Jewlery Marketplace 5L

Bracelet : Locked Handcuff by Pure Poison  Group Gift 0L

Shoes :  D!va Blanco by Hankii Pankii Group Gift 0L

Hands and Feet by Slink


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